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A Bedroom should reflect your style and personality. It is after all, the one place from your entire home where you start and finish your day. At Dino Fino Home + Contract in Malta, we are delighted to offer a wide range of bedroom models to suit your preferred style, colour and finish. Contemporary bedroom design includes styles from the end of the 20th century, where the design is influenced by modern style but with more of a neutral and soft look. One important factor to keep in mind when choosing contemporary models is that the trend changes from time to time. The Classic Bedroom Furniture Design, offers that traditional and warm feel. Some key factors to keep in mind when going with a classic bedroom design is symmetry. Everything comes in pairs, with very rich colours, dark woods and rich tones. With modernism, the key is functionality and sophistication. Maintaining a minimalistic environment adds to the character of the room; possibly adding an abstract print as a focal point.

Among the brands found at Dino Fino Home + Contract, one finds: The Matisse bed deigned by Studio Danielli, which presents an upholstered headboard and frame covered in fabric, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck or synthetic leather. The Linea profile line add a touch of elegance through a variety of material finishes all in matt and open pore matt lacquered shades. The Club nightstand designed by Emanuele Zenere, a nightstand drawer in white or graphite embossed lacquered wood. Frontal and lateral drawer surface covered in soft leather, the top is an extra clear white or graphite painted glass.

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