Comfort in the job puts perfection in the work


An office is much more than just a desk and chair. You have to make it comfortable enough to spend hours working in one spot. Finding the right furniture for you or your employees might be harder than one expects, one wants the furniture to look good at the office which is understandable, but it has to be welcoming and comfortable. The office furniture has to be stylish and functional to the person.

Office design is showing more colour and personality than ever. Today’s employees respond better to an of office design that surprises, inspires and makes coming to work more interesting every day. With saying this one can notice more colours, more shapes, and more decorations in the office area, particularly bright, bold tones and polygonal patterns. What’s important is to not go overboard with too much colour because this can add visual noise in the workspace and it can be very distracting for the employees.

If bold and bright colours are not for you and your office, a more modern and minimality look could be the right one for you. With choosing more minimalistic furniture with earthy and neutral tones of colours. What’s important is to not make the space boring, it can reflect negatively on the employees, and it would reflect on the employees’ work. A good way to elevate your office space is by introducing green in your space. A more sustainable and biophilic office design. Employees of today want more greenery in their workspace and this can go beyond a desk plant. One can add a vertical garden, this would space more life and it would boost the employees’ morale and productivity.

Example of office furniture that can be found at our showroom, the X8 designed by Gabrie Polloni, the maximum simplicity office desk. A return to fundamental reality, the essential things declined throught their primary elements. The Ombra designed by The Quadrifoglio Group, a semi-executive chair with styling and functional characteristics that meets both the aesthetic and practicality requirements. It is all about incorporating natural elements into one’s space. More inspiration and information on how to elevate one’s office space can be given from us to you.


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